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Thread: Mage Hiram secondary stats

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    Mage Hiram secondary stats

    What would be the best secondary stats for Mage?

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    Resilience + ranged dmg reduction for raid pvp.
    For 1v1 I have 3 plate hiram parts (chest, pants , helmet ) with melee dmg reduction + resilience reaching 55% melee dmg reduction fully buffed and avoiding the +15/20% extra dmg penalty of plate set.

    https://archeagecalculator.com/?a=1102ph5GwV8u27 raid build / 1v1 vs magic

    https://archeagecalculator.com/?a=g3608808&b=12 1v1 build vs physical

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    I am a magician too, and I am doing hiram t3 leather, I put it half and half Received magic, damage and received mele damage, inteligence and life, in chest, pants, helmet, then in boots and gloves, I have it with the 2 post damage received mele magic, in sash and sleeves I have inteligence, received healing and toughness

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