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Thread: why a lot useless lunafrost came from "princes's crate", waste 65% labor?

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    Question why a lot useless lunafrost came from "princes's crate", waste 65% labor?

    we don't need that much lunafrost, that only waste labor! that has very high rate got lunafrost when you open princes's crate or any crate.
    hope replace some useful staff.

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    Don't open Prince's Crates. Open Ancestral Crates. Much higher drop rate of tempers and arcane lunafrosts. There are still rare lunafrosts but the chance to get desirable items from them is much higher.
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    I will say differently, it's good that there is a big droprate of lunafrosts, but 95% of these lunafrosts are useless because they do not match my character class or they are blue, not purple
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    You can salvage the lunafrosts with an evenstone to get lunarite, either before or after you open them. You can then sell the lunarite, or click it to make more random lunafrosts if you are looking for a particular one.

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