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Thread: NPC for titles !

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    NPC for titles !


    When i play in a nation, where can I find an NPC that validates the titles ?

    Because the problems that i meet is that i am Nuian of origin and for the Nuians the NPC for the titles is at Lilyut but in the nation this NPC does not give anymore the titles.

    So where are you going ?


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    Don't feel bad. It's not giving titles to Nuians, either. Or to Haranyans on their side. I got a few for title quests I had already started, but a newer character never was offered title quests when he reached the proficiencies that used to give titles.

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    most of the titles for 50k+ proficiency have been moved to their respective achievments so there is no need anymore for the title quests and they got removed.

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    Some titles are automatic: all 280k (full famed) and some crafting titles 50k/180k[?] (carpentry, weaponry); many others you need to go the NPC and get the titles or que quests for titles (as a nuian I get it in Lilyut Hills). Larceny quests for titles you get from a NPC in Freedich if I'm not wrong (idk but exploration can follow a different line too).

    Some can be boosted with dawnsdrop gear or pots, others not.

    The actual prof marks for titles are: 50k / 180k / 280k, the old white titles that gives 1k prof was discotinued.
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