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    The bug is still present [12 days with lags]

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    This game is built like trash. You'd think with all the money they've gotten from this title they'd have optimized the damn thing by now but noooooooo, lets just make an attractive game but never repair its code.

    Trion and XL games hates everything I say because its the truth and stings like fire.
    Exposing the weaknesses in your circuit would send most to react in a way to fix the chain.
    Instead we get to see an awkward teen afraid of its flaws hiding them under the rug.

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    XL don't give a damn about us. All gamigo can do is report the problems, which i'm sure they(Trion/Gamigo) have done over the past years.....

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    Angry Bug bug bug

    hello, since 15/12/2018, a latency of 3/4 sec is present, and I start to wonder if you will finally solve this ♥♥♥♥ing problem! It's starting to go long! I hope for you that a compensation will be put in place because a month of lost subscription and you told us nothing about the state ...
    Sorry for my English I'm on a translate because I do not speak English

    bonjour , depuis le 15/12/2018 , une latence de 3/4 sec est présente , et je commence a me demander si vous aller enfin résoudre ce putain de probleme ! Ca commence a faire long ! j'espere pour vous qu'une rétribution sera mise en place car un mois d'abonnement perdu et vous ne nous dite rien sur l'état ...
    Désoler pour mon anglais je suis sur un translate car je ne parle pas anglais

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    quit complaining can't you see auto pilot mode has been on since first day gamigo ran it? they don't give a fck about anything anymore all they do is upload new cash shop items every friday and then fck off till next friday so they can repeat it
    if you dont trust me the biggest proof is that they also fired everyone because no need to pay for any employee if they are just gonna auto pilot it

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