I'm sure this has been discussed previously, but as this is feedback, I'll pass along mine. The purpose of this feedback is not to disparage any individual player by name, but rather to fix a mechanic in the game.

The current method of Hero selection does the title a disservice. The Heroes ultimately elected each month are a collection of characters among those who largely have participated in the most events rewarding Leadership. But these events require only participation (as an aside, there is nothing about them that requires actual leadership). Other methods of obtaining leadership are often abused by using alts. Again, not really "heroic."

This is disappointing. I've voted in each election as the perks for doing so are substantial for a relatively new player. But I cannot remember ever voting for someone I thought actually acted "heroic." The closest I've come is voting for the guild leader of a player that helped us out immensely when we were wronged by someone in our own faction. I would have voted for the player himself, but he wasn't eligible. I once watched a character named "Claryce" defend the cargo ship against pirate exploiters. She didn't have a pack, either. But, she wasn't on the short list for the next election. There are other times I've seen players do selfless acts, but they too never seem eligible due to the "leadership" deficiency.

Bottom line is I'd like to see folks more in line with the spirit of the title.

So I will suggest the following two fixes:

1) Allow a larger list of players eligible for Hero elections. Maybe top 100 in the leadership category? Or top 250? Or develop a better metric for measuring heroism and leadership. Showing up for a CR is neither.
2) Prevent "alt abuse." Perhaps allow one vote per account to prevent the stuffing of the ballot box and remove the "thumbs up."

Thanks for taking the time to read my note!