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This is precisely the reason the ship should exist. There is no risk and you can get a small, cheap source of charcoal each day. The ship has no impact on the price. Both the ship and the family quest existed before 5.0 and charcoal was 5g. The ship isn't even used nearly as much recently. The reason for the price drop is the availability and the price of the packs/charcoal unit. You pay half as much, they are infinite, and you don't have to re-buy them to go inland.

The ship is a great idea. I just wish it had a regular schedule.
You don't get a small amount, you get the most OP crazy amount possible that multiplies by how many accounts you have pretty much by as along as the amount of time you have to log them in and attach them to the ship. It completely ignores turn in value, barely uses labor, and makes charcoal not even worth running through any other method.

The family quest existed before the 5.0 update and charcoal cost 5g... hmm, almost as if you got 20 charcoal for twice the price... my god, are people really this thick to not even think what they are saying? The family quest was completely breaking the charcoal system since it launched becuase there was zero point in doing charcoal any other way other than hoarding cargo for alts to mass abuse the family quest. Without it then cargo would have piled up at towers until usch point it was worth running which. It would have brought the average purchase price down and intice people to have gone to the PVP and Auroria runs which were much cheaper per charcoal. The family quest ruins the entire thing by completely ignoring all the mechanics of the whole system.