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Thread: Re-Open a Third Legacy Server

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    Re-Open a Third Legacy Server

    I know that at first, the prospect of this may seem silly.
    Why would they do that?
    Why wouldn't they do a fresh start instead?

    Here are my reasons we need a Third legacy server instead of just the two:

    Land. This is the only real reason. In a game where housing is not instanced and new shards cannot be made to guarantee at least 1 plot of land for all, this lack of housing is driving players away. (Me included!) Because of the fact there has been (3, maybe 4?) mergers now, Many of us have spent thousands of gold, along with months of effort to get our land (some of us compounds), just to have it ripped away from us. Many did NOT re-obtain their land. And many that get land, don't get as much, and most do NOT get it in the spots they had hoped for. I lost a LOT of land when my server was merged into what is now Aria. I was left with VERY LITTLE land in a spot I DID NOT like, but took so I would have SOMETHING to farm on.

    Many new players cannot pay the 35-40k gold per mansion, or the 12k per 24-28's the land grabbers/barons grabbed and are now charging an insane price for, because of how many people (Alt land holders too) are now on the server hoarding most of the land.

    This also prevents progress for many because land is needed to farm mats. Some quests even require books to be placed on ones land and read. You lose out on a LOT of gold having to buy mats from AH instead of farming them with excess labor. Forget about "illegal farming", as farming off of protected land is WAY too risky with the higher population on the server.

    Just food for thought.

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    i agree this needs to be done but i also worry that it would fill with alts almost instantly that take the land and hold for sell just as the others did if alts were limited to a certain number not removed from the game it would be better on almost everyone say 5 alts max per ip or something like that it would help housing and more actual ppl would want to play the game i do see how alts are a thing since they were let to overrun but just like any system the alt system can be reworked for better function i don't hate alts but i think there are way too many floating around for a healthy game life and having that many alts to me at least just starts looking like work and i'm playing a game not going to a job
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    The land problem does not come from alt alone. It's the problem of harvester farmhouses. I know few people that own more then 50 of them all lined up. And as long as those houses remain that way you will never get farming space for others. And you say it's much gold to buy land? A farmhouse generates 15-35g per 30 mins without any effort. So count it up..... The tax changes won't influence anything at all. It will actually punish real players more. As landbaron you do not care about tax since even with 300 tax a week that's just 150g to pay. Counting the money you actually make is nothing compared to it. And mostly or rather always the character holding the building is same faction so no hostile tax.

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    This is a pretty terrible idea. They caved to this type of whining at launch and at the last merges and then suddenly you have a new dead server that everyone complains sucks and quits or waits for transfers to abandon. Unless the game gets some massive influx of players (like 50-100 percent more people) land will start opening up in a couple of months. Until then there are demos every week, and land sales usually decently cheap if you just want a place for chests or a bed.
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    From my perspective: main issue: European Alts that have taken land to make gold for their Euro accounts. I am sure the issue is the same on Euro servers. Prevent an account from owning land on both servers, and the land issue will likely evaporate.

    Another choice: open up more land - there are tons of areas with wide open spans of land and nothing there. People never visit the areas, so put another homestead area there.

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