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Thread: Returning User Here Looking for a Class Change

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    Returning User Here Looking for a Class Change

    Hey! I'm just returning to archeage after not play for almost an year and I was wondering what would be a good class for me to change to.

    I prefer:
    -DPS(with some support)
    -Good Mobility
    -PvE(but im not afraid of PvP)

    Thank you~!

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    Stone Arrow is the only class.

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    I'm having an awesome time playing soulsong(archery/songcraft/vitalism). I pretty much only do pve but switch vitalism with shadowplay and you get the meta archer build so it can do decent in pvp too.

    Great DPS, good mobility and very good support. The only thing though is you're going to need a t3 hiram club to make the vitalism healing work at all, but that's cheap to get, just a bit grindy.

    Finally managed to solo the first 2 serp boss with that build for my alt so quite happy with it

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    I'm enjoying playing as a Saboteur (Malediction, Occultism, Shadowplay). At first glance it sorta seems useless but once you get the hang of it, you can do serious damage to your opponent.

    It offers great mobility, and you can rack up huge damage with the occultism and malediction skills (especially when you use Fury), and there's a lot of debuffs you can inflict on your enemy (I'm using a scepter and a Katana. No shields). Range is also quite decent, with most skills having a range of 20m (except for the Shadowplay skills, which are mostly melee ones).

    That being said, it's not a very tanky class and neither is it exceptionally great in offense. It's more of a support class that has some good DPS. PvE combat doesn't pose any problems; you can kill most monsters very easily (kiting is pretty easy here, especially for the slower mobs. The faster mobs will be able to catch up with you though). Haven't used it in PvP yet.

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