Ten days ago, when my husband's account rolled over, it lost patron status. He checked and saw that he still had 30 days, but there was no Patron buff. Hoping to de-glitch it, I gave him two Apex to add another month to his time. That didn't work, so he sent a ticket to support.

That was TEN DAYS AGO. They've responded once for more information, but done nothing to resolve the issue. This is now ten days that we have paid for, during which they have not provided service - all while my husband's time is ticking away.

Four days ago he had to purchase bldg management certs to transfer his properties out of his name, or risk losing them due to being unable to pay taxes. Because nobody has bothered to tell him what's up with his account.

I have to say I'm not inspired to continue my patron if I can never know whether it will be honored or not. Let alone resolved once a ticket is sent for help.