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Thread: Hiram Gear for DPS Mage

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    Hiram Gear for DPS Mage

    Should a DPS mage go hiram plate or cloth?
    What should be the stats and gems?

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    I don't consider Hiram good for dps mage it's more for tank.
    But there is no real answer for your question. You have check what's most common on your server. Also will you go for dual wield or 2h staff?
    Platte + staff : int, magic dmg reduction resi magic crit dmg and here people split their opinions crit rate or Def pen.
    Plate+magic shield :int+magic dmg redu+resi
    Leather+staff: int+hp+resi
    Leather+shield(pdef or magic) :int+resi+magic dmg red
    Cloth+staff :int+resi+HP or range dmg reduction (personally I prefer higher hp pool)
    Cloth+shield: int+resi+melee dmg reduction

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