As topic i have return after quiting (2nd time)1.5yr ago .....i have spent like 1 whole week 8 hr a day farming hiram gear ( Still missing 3-4 parts)
Manage to get Hiram Divine Bow and bought a legendary aynard club and get a couple of hiram parts

Currently i got
1132 Healing power , 100% Accuracy 35% crit heal 70% crit Bonus
1047 Range Dmg , 98.6% Accuracy 60.1% crit rate 130% Crit dmg
Wearing Cloths/divine set
I'm a hybrid player from last time hence the split of stats Spirit/Agility
Can you advise a build for 5.0?

I'm currently using Archery/Vitalism and sometime Aura or Shadowplay
Are there anyway to build it better or which skills to choose for this kind of build...
So far in PVE i have no issue as i have unlimited mana/heal from this build but in PVP i lack the knowledge of skills to use against those new build since i only remember DR was FOTM back then and alot of skills have been moved to other trees ( like boneyard + snipe + impale)

Hope you guys can help on this thanks