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    Hi, I am a returning player and I never stopped my patron at all so I was gonna come back and check it out on my account that I kept active all this time. I am however NOT patron on this account when I know you guys did indeed take the money out of my debit card so here's my information and hopefully you can fix this soon.

    ingame name: Sieman
    server: Aria

    Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemoor View Post
    i had the same problem when my patron had 60 days left
    land lord asked me to pay tax when i found out my patron buff was gone

    i sent a ticket
    then i tried to buy another 30d patron, but the buff didnt appear at once
    so i turned off my game becoz i didnt want to play without patron & labor

    after around 1 hr after i sent my ticket, my patron buff was back
    idk if they fixed it or that new 30d patron activated the buff
    but you may try that out as you dont have much time left for paying taxes
    Thank you for the thoughts

    Unfortunately I have tried a further two times by purchasing more patron time... to no avail.

    My account is currently showing the recurring 3 month plan and I have also purchased several 30 day patron passes with game credits. Nothing has worked

    At this stage, after seeing so many people with issues, I don't understand why they just don't suspend the land taxes until the problem is sorted out. By taking payments and not providing the services they are in breach and just leaving themselves open to action being taken. Surely it's in their own interests to action this immediately.

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    ingame name: Ekkuke
    server: Kadum

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    Server: Taris
    Ingame Name: Kriegerklinge
    Ticket ID: #1418203

    Hallo, ich habe noch 125 Tage Stammspieler laut Glyph. Im Spiel selber ist aber mein Stammspieler weg und ich habe auch nur max 2000 AP zur Verfügung bzw als Limit. Mir sind bereits die restlichen AP verloren gegangen.

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    Serveur: EU Taris
    Ingame name: Nefara

    I lost my patron buff ingame today while i still have 30 days on the account

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    Server : Ezi
    Ingame character name : Flores
    Patron renewed yesterday (18/02/2020) so 30 days left

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    server: Jakar eu
    In-Game name: oceanna

    My na has patron but not eu.

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    Wales, UK
    Server: Jakar EU
    In-Game name:Cynn

    My NA has patron but no patron on EU

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    Apr 2018
    in the beautifull Austria
    In-Game Name: Lunalesca
    Server: Jakar without Patron
    Server: Aria with Patron

    I lost my patron buff ingame today while i still have 30 days on the account what Glyph says

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