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Thread: Vocation Badges

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    Vocation Badges

    How do i get more Vocation Badges? I do family quests, I know that there are quests that you can get in your house, but are there any other ways??

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    you can get more vocation badges through some labor usage such as fishing, mining, gathering, husbandry etc.
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    Make more alts... or just do something actually profitable and buy what you need from the vocation shop with gold instead.
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    You can get about 1200 vocation a day doing the daily workstation quests

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    The vocation badge quests that I'm aware of:

    2 Daily Contracts:
    * Crafting Challenge, up to 750 badges
    * No Substitute for Hard Work, 1000 badges

    3 Daily Family Quests:
    * Community Center Supplies, 1000 badges
    * Family Quest, 1500 badges
    * Cargo Delivery, 1500 badges

    Community Center Resident Trade Packs, 500 badges per zone you are a resident in. If the same quest is in 2 zones, you can only do it once.

    4 Blue Salt Brotherhood Daily Specials (crafted at Farmer's Workstation), 300 badges each

    Upgraded House Task Jar, 500 badges each
    * Blue Sale Request: Fertilizer
    * Blue Sale Request: Bait Worms
    * Blue Sale Request: Earth Mana Leaves

    * Blue Sale Request: Hay Bales (Harvester House)
    * Blue Sale Request: Stone (Mining House)
    * Blue Sale Request: Trimmed Meat (Rancher House)

    * Blue Sale Request: Calling All Gardners (Apothecary House)
    * Blue Sale Request: ? (Armor House)
    * Blue Sale Request: ? (Trademan's House)

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    Thanks for the detailed answers!

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