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Thread: Trade Pack Question

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    Trade Pack Question

    Am I able to make and turn in packs at level 32? Or do I also need to do some quest line?

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    players level 30+ can craft and sell trade packs, the only issue you may have is the transportation as you need either
    a donkey (acquired from quest at level 50)
    a farm cart/wagon (achieved from a long-ish questline or crafted)
    a car which you get by crafting, buying for gold (wrapped [car name] like timber coupe, apex squall, rampage etc.) or from the glyph store from the most expensive purchase pack.
    if you're in a guild someone might allow you to use their cars/freighters for a few runs to start out
    Kadum East

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    As an addition, using a donkey or a vehicle is just to go around faster and at your own schedule. The very poor man's way of traveling is using the NPC vehicles like the carriage or the airship that travel fixed routes through zones at regular intervals.

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