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Thread: CR and GR are Full

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    CR and GR are Full

    As a developer, if you are going to allow an endless supply of "alts" in the game (with all the detriment to game play that results), something should be done about World Boss raids, such as the Crimson or Grimghast Rifts. My suggestion would be to allow a third or fourth raid. Or allow multiple tagging on these bosses. Currently, many players are locked out of these raids as the 100 player limit is quickly reached. Yes, they happen every two hours, but for those of us with limited time to play each evening, we lose out if we don't get into the one or two raids in that time frame.

    The situation has become so toxic that on occasion, raid leaders are restricting who joins. I don't think you want a situation where individual players are limiting what content the rest of your subscribers can participate in.

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    There are ways to react:

    (1) CTRL+F (it's a pvp zone after all)
    (2) create counter raids: get active players to join your raid and contest
    (3) create and manage the whole raid from the very beginning

    I am not saying it is easy, but that there are ways for the whole faction to create a better game play for the other players.

    (I know this is an idealistic approach, but not every last bit of responsibility should be placed on the devs - especially when it's a problem that was created and can be solved by players)
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    Yeah, good suggestions, but while there are options that are possible, they are not practical. For Items #1 and #2, I'd have to find 50-100 willing to piss off an equal number of their own nation in order to contest. I already have my own nation Bloodlusting after me for a single pack on occasion, so I don't need to give them an actual excuse to do it. Not at my GS, at least.

    Item #3 is the best option, but these raids are already being set up 30-60 minutes in advance for that very reason. No one wants to get left out. Joining a raid that early does limit you in other activities (such as instances).

    I do put the burden on the developers. I don't expect they would anticipate each issue that comes up, but they should definitely see the consequences as they occur and adapt the game. I'm no fan of alts for a dozen reasons. But if they will allow it, they have to modify game play or single character players are moving on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colthoron View Post
    ...#2, I'd have to find 50-100 willing to piss off an equal number of their own nation in order to contest...
    I used to do this on Ollo back in the day. If they’re getting that full, then you will have enough people. Just get there early and start inviting everyone who puts “x” and get it done. Done it plenty of times. No one likes being left out.

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    The other day, CR was full with two raids already and a lot of people were still X in nation chat. Someone told them to create a third raid without telling them that the third raid will never get credit because the server is so toxic that people in the first two raids will purple and kill that third raid before they even bother attacking nation or pirates or reds.

    Raids are a popularity contest now. Instead of letting people join who wants to play, raid leaders let their alts and their friends and their friends' alts be in the raid. They let nation and pirate alts be in raids before they let everyone else in. And then the people who purpled justifies their wrongdoing by saying they're only protecting the raid and they're hailed as heroes.

    The only solution I see worth doing is this: CREATE MORE SERVERS.

    When the merge happened, it shouldn't have jam packed everyone onto only two servers. There should've been at least 4 servers and that way, there will be enough room for people to be able to do the things they want and need to do like join raids and do world bosses. To pack everyone in like sardines made it just impossible for every person to do the things they do. You also have like, all the terrible people on the same server being bullies to everyone else, competing to see who has the bigger **** or who can be the bigger ****. How can normal people even play when everyone with gs just free farms the entire server and kills all the lower gs people?

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    Go take the Red CR/GR. or the Sungold CR. These are supposed to be PVP events. The fact that everyone just shows up and expects to be fed is pathetic.
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    They need to add more than 1 co-raid . Since merges more people = More ALTS

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