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Thread: Crazy glyph behavior after every patch - RNG UPDATE/PLAY

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    Crazy glyph behavior after every patch - RNG UPDATE/PLAY

    Patched the game today 78MB - > success

    Reaopen glyph - > Play
    close - reopen -> Update

    this bug in driving me crazy it's happen latest 3 patch had to delete all redownload all wait 1 day and stan got play stable.

    Why this happen?
    There is any fix for it?
    Had to download whole game again till next 70 MB patch?
    Are you kidding me?

    Also I opened a ticket 2 months ago about Item lost after merge. I lost all decor was liable to destroy on demolition like Library painting and other painting. If is possible to recovery those i would appreciate since farmed those for years and GMs said they would be return after merge but never happened REQUEST #1158962

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    I have a backup to the 38 GB Glyph folder and had to re-download everything. The update ruined both my usual Game/Glyph and the Backup/Glyph. I did something wrong 2 times or it is coded that way (20.02.2019 patch for Archeage). Glyph works fine, it's the weekly Arche Age updates becoming more and more unstable to the point of one big mess that doesn't know it's own files and versions.

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