Hey there everyone! First off, I’d like to apologize for the team being so quiet lately. We’ve been working hard during the transition of ArcheAge from being published by Trion, to now being publishing by Gamigo US. While that transition is still ongoing and we’re working daily to get things like support back to an acceptable level, the team has also been hard at work with the next update, which is 5.1.

Many of you have been asking questions about when we’d be seeing this content released, and I’m please to say that it will be live starting next week on January 16th. We’re in the process of writing up the final patch notes, based upon the release build that we received today. The current plan is to have this build available to players on the PTS this Friday, though the exact time for that has not yet been set.

Full details of the patch will be available in those patch notes, but here is a quick preview of the content you can expect with the January Update!
  • Abyssal Library Dungeon: The Library is receiving a revamp in the form of a 5-man dungeon, in which players can obtain new Library Equipment. The previous version of the library will remain available on legacy servers.
  • Hero System Revamp: The hero system is receiving new systems – the first part of which has already been put in place with the reduction in the number of heroes per server. Heroes will have NEW (corrected) abilities and missions specific to their role, such as forcing some of the southern continent zones between tension, conflict, war and peace!
  • Pirate Faction Changes: Pirates are becoming a more fleshed out nation with this update. Gone are the days of committing crimes to become a pirate. Now, players will join a nation with limited numbers via a quest and leaving it will also require a quest. Neutral guards will no longer be aggressive to pirates.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The Halcyona Golden Plains Battle is now separated into an arena that will be available twice a day, similar to Mistmerrow. Players will be able to join directly via the arena menu or by visiting an arena manager when it is active.

Additionally, the extra tax rate increase that was seen in Korea will be coming with this update – the extra taxes for building in hostile faction zones will increase from 100% to 300%.

In preparation for the update, we will be closing the Auction House to new auctions 50 hours in advance of the update, to ensure that all items are correctly updated.

The Auction House will be closed at the following times:
  • EU – 0000 UTC on 1/14 (4PM PST 1/13)
  • NA – 6AM PST on 1/14