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Thread: Sleeping Support?

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    Sleeping Support?

    I know you Guys are working hard (well at least i hope that) but i wonder if there will be any activities on the Support site. All i see is People complain about old Tickets getting deletet and not revisited (i for myself got one thats nearly 3 Months old). Is there any way possible, someone of the Staff could state a commend about that? Right now i dont feel like playing since my Problems aint resolved and so do others i guess.


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    While that transition is still ongoing and we’re working daily to get things like support back to an acceptable level
    that's the only thing that we know for now so it still remains to just wait....


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    i'm just curious what they consider acceptable levels at gamigo when trion was over AA my tickets never went longer than a day maybe 3 before i got a response i do hope they get it back going soon and no this isn't a gripe or complain was a real question everyone has their own versions of acceptable levels with everything i do feel going on 3 months for some of the tickets is a bit insane though support should have been 1 of the top priorities knowing it would be needed day one and by more than 10 ppl
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    Let me show up you the situation:

    3 years ago I created ticket with number 644343
    2 years ago I created ticket with number 665578

    So during one year you got around 21 235 tickets

    4 months ago I created ticket with number 1135583 and now are tickets over the number 1185839 as
    I can see. So you got 50 256 tickets in 4 months horizon.

    This is really lot of time to solve all of them. Let say that each ticket will cost you 10 minutes, if you really read them carefully. It is 8376 hours just to read them. You need some time to check what happen, let say another 10 minutes per ticket and 5 minutes to create answer. It is another 12 564 hours. Let say together you will need something about 20 940 hours if nothing new will not come.
    I don’t know if tickets are numbered for each game, or have same line. To solve all those tickets in team of 30 employees you will need 88 days to solve all old tickets.

    But the problem is that some of new tickets are solved while some of old ones are still without reply over months with same problem category. And I am not sure how big team is behind customer support.

    And when I see the closed ticket about missing compensation package, where was just copy paste answer with this magical sentence: If you are missing other Compensation Packs or anything else, please contact us again.

    I am really start to be scared, because it is look like just as graveyard of tickets and no customer helpdesk system.

    But please do not be cruel to developing team or forum staff, they have really nothing to do with this situation. It is just the result of a completely unprepared takeover of the company.

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    I guess my ticket won't be answered anytime soon. Guess I should give up on waiting and simply find a new game to play. Since I can't log into the game

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