Hey guys I'm a returning player who's been on off since close to game release and I've been back on it for only about a week now(aria server).

First off, I spent the majority of my time playing as a blighter but for better or worse I had a change of heart and decided to go with a mage playstyle this go-around. Currently playing as a reaper because I heard that it was decent in nation chat lol... although I've been playing around with my build and slowly getting used to the class, I think that it would benefit me greatly if you guys could help me out with build recommendations; even if it were to be another mage class you believe to currently be better.

In terms of gear I'm currently building up hiram cloth gear. My armor is currently sitting at t1 unique with some Lunastones and my weapon(the hiram staff) is t2 celestial(lowass gs I know..). So my questions to you guys would be whether or not you believe this to be right move to make? and if not I'd appreciate it if you told me why and recommend another. If it is(would be great if u could do so under both circumstances) it would be helpful if you could give me Lunastone/gem advice for the gear and accessories?? I still barely know what to do about that. As of right now I have people telling me to get the dream ring but i dont know what to do for my other accessories. Including costume, cloak and undergarments.

With that out of the way, the last thing I need help with is moneymaking in patch 5.0 . Back when i played, my preferred method of making money was simply to run trade packs on my merchant schooner. I've noticed that the trade pack system has endured many many changes since my absence and many of the packs I used to make are no longer craftable. So it would be EXTREMELY helpful if you guys could tell me your preferred methods of making money in this patch.

Thank you for your time everyone.