Starting January 10th and ending on January 24th, 2019 make sure to visit our marketplace and pick up some great looking designs and decor for your house and aquafarm!

Nothing to Clam Up About:
  • Pearl Aquafarm Design: 2000 credits.
    • 24x24 sized Aquafarm.
    • Brighten your surroundings with the central pearl light.
    • Breathe for longer with the central breathing device.
    • Only can be installed in Aquafarm Zones.
    • This item is subject to Heavy Tax.
    • BONUS: 100x Tax Certificates!

Pretty fly for a Fungi:
  • Design: Forest Mushroom House: 3000 Credits
    • BONUS: 100x Tax Certificates
  • Mushroom Décor Bundle: 3600 Credits
    • Items in bundle are also sold separately!
  • Mushroom Mattress: 1900 Credits
  • Mushroom Carpet: 500 Credits
  • Carved Stump Table: 350 Credits
  • Toadstool: 150 Credits
  • Mushroom Table Lamp: 300 Credits
  • Mushroom Wall Lamp: 150 Credits
  • Mushroom Plushie: 500 Credits

Work Hard, Play Hard:
  • 5x Building Management Title: 1000 Credits
    • Limited 2x per account
    • Can be found in the Main Special Tab.
  • 100x Tax Certificate: 600 Credits
    • Limited 5x per account
    • Can be found in the Main Special Tab.
  • Wrapped Multipurpose Workbench: 1400 Credits
    • Tradeable until unwrapped.

Don’t miss out on this legendary chance to customize your farm and land!