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Thread: Would someone give me a hand

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    Would someone give me a hand

    Can someone give me a hand
    I wanted to try to raise my scepter to legendary with erenor infusions since I do not give it sold
    I have a 2% raised alone but I do not know how to get the accounts, or the total, of infusions that I would need, to upload it to legendary
    At the beginning I thought that for every 2 infusions erenor of 100 experience I went up 1% but I saw that they are not more

    I'm bad at making these kinds of accounts
    Thanks for the help

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    Just look at your scepter and see how much experience it needs. Each infusion is 100 XP. Divide what you need by 100 and that's how many infusions you need.
    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
    Epic Erenor Katana - 815.3 DPS.
    Epic Erenor Bow - 693 DPS... worse than the gimped weapon even though it's a primary weapon.
    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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    not sure if thats what you want. But i will be kind enough to do all the work

    -> i will assume 700 EXP start
    -> 34816 -700= 34116 EXP needs to be filled
    ->34116/7754=4,3......... -> 4 Ayanads Epic needed to make it legendary
    --> since you want to use Infusions too lets use 4 Ayanads and fill the rest with infusions
    34116-31016 (4 x 7754=31016)= 3100 EXP left
    ->32x Epic infusions -> Legendary
    = 4 EPIC Ayanad Staffs/2h Weapons and 32 Epic Erenor (100exp) Infusions are needed to reach Legendary

    __________________________________________________ ______

    a nice spreadsheet for all the EXP given and needed in the game
    __________________________________________________ ______

    How it should be done the cheapest way if you make a new Erenor

    Credits for the bottom screen go to Litten (Taris)/Jackalh#1313 (i was lazy to remake that)

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    Thanks to all for the help

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