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Thread: Gems for blazing arrow is not working?

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    Gems for blazing arrow is not working?

    Hello. Wanna know if its a bug or something, but when you enter a Steady Shooting stance (from archery) this gems are not working anymore. I'll show you screenshots below

    This is skill dmg WITHOUT Steady Shooting stance but with belt that has 4 t1 gems in it:

    Then, you enter the Steady Shooting:

    Then, you unequip belt with gems:

    Yes, it changed a bit, but this is what we have without belt and no stance:

    So i guess agility has something to do with it. Anyways, each gem gives 2%, but it hardly gives 3% when you equip it in stance. BUT, when you are not in stance your dmg is a lot higher with this belt.

    Is that a bug? Or hidden feature?

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    @Tinen please, or anyone answer this or at least pass this to XL

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