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Thread: Turn ON AFK KICK or increase the server capacity

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    Turn ON AFK KICK or increase the server capacity

    How we know from long archeage is an alt farmville but this situation it is no longer tolerable.

    Every week-end is queue for enter the server already form 3-4 weeks. I remeber people was hard crying after patch 5.0 because of afk kick but as you can see we need it. Is not possible a pay customer have to wait alts no patron log of for enter on the server and play.

    I remember 2014 when archeage na-eu started it wwas queue only the first 2 months and patron user was skipping the queue. Now not only is more queue then game launch but alts no patron and patron have to wait all as the same.

    If you dont want put afk kick back please consider to increase the server capacity becouse like this is bad..

    BTW even the forum is lagging i cannot even attack a screenshot of the 40 ppl queue

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    What server are you on, anyhow? I haven't seen a queue since the day of land rush.
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    it's Jakar EU

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