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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinen View Post
    Checking on Kadum right now, and will be getting out the beating stick for the server hamster if necessary.
    Hey your not allowed to use Mr. Stick. Only Anari (me) can use him. Don't be taking Mr. Stick away, that's my thing. #copyright xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by CavemanSean View Post
    ...We all need to remember, this game is designed around not owning alts (afaik you can't have an alt toon in the KR version...
    That is actually a myth. Korean players are allowed to have alts. They can register up to 3 accounts per mobile phone number. Some people have access to more than one mobile phone number, and so can have more than 3 accounts.

    There is a restriction on logging in multiple accounts from the same computer, but this is easily bypassed, either by using virtual machines or more than one computer. Since it's common to play from rented computers in internet cafes over there, it's easy to use more than one machine.
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