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Thread: 5.1 is a buggy and a mess

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    5.1 is a buggy and a mess

    1. you can now fire a tank from a housing zone and not be able to be attacked back [RIP east GR].
    2. if attacked outside a housing zone and you do not fight back you can still be killed if you enter a housing zone
    3. Mounts speed changed without notice
    4. gems removed from guild and honor shop
    5. Mistsong aria crash still happens when the boss spawns
    6. quests names as "555243 do not translate"
    7. Mistsong drops removed and replaced with a RNG drop
    8. popup spam for Hiram synthesis
    9. Golden plains popup does not go away by itself you must close it
    10. Lunacharms T1 +4/5 missing
    11. Snowball arena can leave you without any UI when entering
    12. No option to remove massive arena button and put it back under signpost.
    13. Snowball arena skills are ping based leading to hits that miss on the client.
    14. Massive lag spikes / Server wide DC
    15. D/C on teleport is still a thing...
    and this is just the stuff I know about... did any feedback from PST make any changes at all?

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    Request Completion Tickets for the crafting requests also don't exist.

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    Some of OP's "bugs" are features clearly listed in the patch notes.

    Here are some bugs I have found...

    It looks like the change to lower the cap on attack speed has reintroduced the bug that allows animation cancellation. In other words, they nerfed attack speed but actually allowed the attack speed cap to be circumvented entirely. I had a guy's macro cast a ridiculous amount of spells on me in 2 seconds last night.

    Some of the popups (tool tips) give incorrect descriptions of what spells do. The patch notes appear correct but the tool tips are pre-patch. I noticed this in performance skills (songcraft).

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    no info about the changes to lightning meteor appeared in patch notes

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    4 is intended

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    3. Was expected they always normalize mounts and vehicles so that no one can get a unfair advantage(so they claim).
    4. Gem removal was in the patch notes, not anyone's fault other then your own that you did not read the patch notes before posting.
    8. The popup spam is also in patch notes but its not specific to hiram its specific to anything EPIC grade or higher.

    Other then those 3 yes the other things and maybe 7 are unexpected and should be fixed.

    Number 7 I don't know if that was done intentionally or not but the rest seem to be bugs besides those 3 listed.

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    It was posted that mistsong reticules were removed, and I'd assume the RNG item was an intentional replacement. Personally, I think normalization of limited availability items (Ie: items obtained through rng boxes or limited time loyalty shop items) to be alright, perhaps receiving a slight boost over the standard mount, but those that can be obtained by anyone should have this undone. There exist such a thing as perfect imbalance, where two things can be good at different things, and you have to choose. If, for instance, the steel lightning mount did not receive a speed upgrade, while another mount did, I would consider it to be a fair trade-off for the absurdly long stealth it can use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kravyn View Post
    3. Was expected they always normalize mounts and vehicles so that no one can get a unfair advantage(so they claim).

    3 if they "always normalize mounts and vehicles" why do they release them with faster speed at all if not to entice people to buy RNG boxes to get the faster mount?
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    10 - I think that is on purpose, because the T1 gem +5 is better then a T2, if they do that, the T2 will be only for the Whales who wants to make some T3 gems, and T2 will be just a craft item, not gem anymore.

    To make balanced, they put only to +3, and buffed Gem T2 Fireglow, just see, Before patch 5.1 Fireglow T2 1handed = 4.0, after 5.1 = 4,2.

    T1 +3 = 4.3 or like something.

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    15. Event items in marketplace say "Event" in big blurry letters.
    16. Game appearing in Korean language.

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