I was doing my cargo family daily when I noticed that the text does not match the new item name. Charcoal Staby-Stabs referes to Charcoal Stabilizer, that has now changed names to Onyx Archeum Essence.
I am assuming that this quest has the same text when being given to the haranyan outlet, so both quests would need to be changed in terms of text. I am not sure if this is done anywhere else in the game's quests though, but if I find any other examples where something like this is stated, I'll be sure to post it.

If I can suggest a different word instead of "Charcoal Staby-Stabs", I'd say something like Onyx Archy-Ess, or something along those lines, but do with this suggestion what you want.

Edit: as you can see, getting the quest from the guy also still says charcoal stabilizer. This has to change to Onyx Archeum Essence too then.
I'll edit more when I find other examples.