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    If I was on legacy I’d probably quit over something like that. Pathetic if they do nothing....
    Ha, You're all funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodor69 View Post

    Bug is being fixed but they are doing nothing to the players or items.
    Guess this means cheat and exploit in the game as much as possible, they do not care.
    Enjoy your Mythic and Erenor equipment... a Gamigo event! Too bad not everyone got to participate.

    Enjoy cheating all the bugs you find forevermore, player-base. Gamigo doesn't care.
    Think you Mean Mythic and Eternal Not Mythic and Erenor. But we get what you mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delaque View Post
    Think you Mean Mythic and Eternal Not Mythic and Erenor. But we get what you mean
    yea sorry woozy just woke up lmao ;D
    "Sandbox MMO" - Marketing gibberish for you can do anything because you have little to no support for problems arise.

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    Remembering the story:

    Castle sieges on Aranzeb:



    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    So, after reviewing some of the upcoming changes for Update 4.5 with XL, I can say that this specific loophole that this guild used (going pirate with the scroll) is going to be fixed. But, until then, as this is something the game allows in its operation, we consider this part of gameplay. The results of the siege will be maintained.

    8 months after TRION RIP

    It is repeated again:

    @IArchers @Carendash @Gamigo Give us a statement on the erenor infusions exploit


    8 months after ****** RIP?

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    this game is totally corrupt. The Erenor is a powerful equipment but long to increase, finally normally.

    In 1 day, players increase their mythical equipment or more, without craft, without farm, just with this ♥♥♥♥ing exploits. You are right Gamigo, leave your exploits active and do nothing. You are pro in this area, you do not know how to do anything. Medium and low level players will simply leave ArcheAge before having a character in place. How to compete 14k gs playing with the rules? You want to lose your players, do not change anything.

    Band of incompetent. No reaction from you.

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    Will be Erenor Exploit items removed??

    PPL Where geting huge advantege using Erenor Exploit and already in day one there where spam of Eternal Erenors!

    So there is Question to Gamigo Company :
    Is the game Now in model : Pay , Exploit to win?
    U will issue penalty to Exploiters?
    U know numbers of players that gona quit game if u do nothing?

    Rules must be the same for all : https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/e...And-Exploiting

    i think its time to quit if there will be no action from Gamigo ....

    Come on there like 5 or more CM...one please find answer for those questions and update ppl whats gona happen....there is still no update on it and ppl want to know answer cuz more likely if u do nothing ppl gona quit....

    There many ppl quit game cuz some one gain advantege by paying (P2W) and if those P2W now use exploits to get even more advantage ,more ppl will leave game...

    Its will become better punish no mater how much they pay to u or lose even more $$$$$ when instead of 10 punish per server (just example) 100+ players will leave ..

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    I sure hope so. It was obvious that it was not intended.

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    There has to be some solution for this. Can't just ignore it. Don't have to ban everyone, but there needs to be a way to mitigate the impact or roll back the items. If people can never catch up to the advantage gained from the exploit then many will likely give up. Also something to consider if there are ever any plans to merge the Fresh Start servers into legacy.

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    I had a long post typed up but the forums wouldnt load and lost it. TLDR below

    If they don't do anything it opens up exploiting in the future. I have screenshots of every thread here and will use it as evidence when the next exploits comes about. If no action is taken gamigo is saying exploits are not punishible until the item is fixed. If this happens will sure as hell take advatage of any "in game mechanics" in the future. Also, since Apex is considered an in game item like infusions they are also allowed to be exploited, I mean used as an "in game mechanic". It will be less work to take care of this issue now then it will be in the future as exploiting is allowed until fixed. Also, if major exploits are allowed they need to unban any person who exploited levi or honor/apex glitched or duped. I mean if in game mechanics are allowed then this should be allowed too.

    Gamigo has 3 options to come out of this looking ok. The punishments range in less severe to more severe, but also more work to less work for Gamigo.

    1. Roll back the item to their pre exploit spot with all gold and materials lost. If this is too hard then roll the item back to the pre-exploited grade at 0% with no gems and no temper.
    2. Delete the exploited items
    3. Perma ban.

    Lastly, there is a small part of me thing (hoping) they are working on this behind the scenes, and are going to administer a ninja punishment after the exploit is patched. One can only hope.

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    This will likely be my last straw. I have been playing since day 1 of alpha, but this is really bad. My only option would be quit or just exploit the next exploit since there will be no punishment for it.
    "Even when NaCl and Crippling Debt did engage they got wreckhoused, REALLY FAST!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!" (Khrolan school girl giggle in the background) - Celestrata 2016

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