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Thread: Gear upgrade - synthesis, tempering, awakening and gems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colthoron View Post

    Thank you very much as I had many of these same questions. I have a couple more if someone can answer these:

    1) For crafted gear, I noticed gems and lunafrosts would disappear if that gear is recloaked and crafted to the next tier. Is tempering also sacrificed in this scenario (I'm guessing yes).

    2) For Erenor gear, as the gear is upgraded (basic -> grand -> etc), gems, tempering and frosts remain, correct? So upon crafting to Erenor from Ayanad, there is no reason not to gem and temper, right?

    Thanks again.
    1) No tempering is not the same as cloaking, so nothing happens to your slotted gems or lunafrosts.

    2) Correct, weither you temper/frost/gem Ayanad gear or any lower tier crafted gear other then Erenor depends on how quickly you'll be going up the tiers. Generally I'd suggest not modifying the gear if you can go straight to at least Ayanad. But if it's going to be a while until you can upgrade (I'm in this boat since I'm gathering/making everything myself) then modifying to an extent isn't a bad idea.

    As an example I'm frosting and gemming my Delph gear, but only going to +10 temper since that's the area of heavy RNG. Over time I can get the honor needed to extract the gems and I have a small backstock in spare frosts from the many, many, MANY crates I've opened.

    What you do depends on you and how quickly you feel you can upgrade your gear.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigfishers View Post
    I thought it was 1% up to +20 then it's. .5% till +30
    You are correct.
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    anyone know aht i can feed into Kyrios gear, or wb gear in complete?

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