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    Why have you not blocked or selected items that were bought or made by an unlawful method ?! I can name the names of those who used these methods. If you don’t take oh items or block them, it turns out you have plunged the druhig of honest players with your face in the dirt !!!

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    So, I'm trying to launch through steam only to get "Failed to load game data!" because I'm not getting an update option in Glyph; why is it every single time you guys update, you ♥♥♥♥ it up?

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    Abyssal Disciple NPC still not added, despite being present on legacy servers. Another useless update.

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    Hello iArches,

    Thanks for updating the servers maintenances news.

    My question that i asked first is :

    Are you going to delete the Snowball Arena (because we can't do it), and bring back the previous 3 vs 3 balanced Arena ?

    i enjoy the most of ArcheAge in Arena, so it would be nice if you could delete the Arena that you disabled 3 weeks ago, and put the regular 3vs3 that we had before, so i can go and play with my team.



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    Ok and what happen on players who use bug for xp erenor ????

    I saw on my server a lot players with eternal erenor gear

    why support silent ?

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