Okay, after 2 Months, i will try it here with those issues i have. No offence - i think u guys are doing a great job and maybe its a bit rough the last time answering all those tickets u've gotten about the games, but its about MONEY... a lot of money. 84,99 are not cheap and i really really want my money back, cause i've NEVER subscribed on an patreon pass for an whole year.

Today i got an email, my patreon-pass expired. So i have no patreon-pass anymore for this months, although they said, i've subscribed for an WHOLE YEAR. Now i just want those 84,99 back. I already tried on January 11, to contact the support on archeage, but after a month without really responding, i will try it here now, i'm feeling u guys are mucking around. ^^