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Thread: Navarchy Recruitment Status

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    Väktarna Recruitment Status

    We are the beginning and the ending, the alpha and omega.
    We are never ending, eternal guardians.
    We will defend and fight on wings of hope and justice.
    We will protect and die for others to live in freedom.
    We are Alpha and Omega
    We are Väktarna.

    Recruitment status: OPEN
    Server: Jakar
    Level: 8
    Faction: Nuian

    GM: Dedyda
    Officers: Alison - Beastlike - Gattini - Megusta - Samael - Schlumpf - Visaramortiferum
    Gameplay focus: PvX (mix of PvE + PvP).
    Dedication: mix of hardcore and casual, as long as you’re a team player and the tag above your name has a meaning and isn’t just…. a tag.

    Recruitment requirements:
    no pk-mentality, PvX-focus, group/team mentality (NO lone-wolves thank you), participation in guild activities, self sufficient, mature, overall friendly, willingness to learn, gear score 7K (sorry for that but for some things we do, you just need higher gear), Discord.
    Also a healthy sense of humor and self reflection is a plus.

    We are looking for:
    At the moment PvP orientated players have the preference. We have
    5 free slots.
    • heals:
    • melee: 3
    • mage's: 2 (cc-build)
    • ranged: closed
    Special request for skullknights. Are you a SK but not ‘yet’ meet our requirements? Contact us in game anyway. We can make exceptions based on current gear and personal skills.

    Who we are
    Väktarna or Navarchy as we once were called, is dating back to Alpha and has endured the test of time on the west faction. We’re an anti pirate/pk guild. We don’t PK greens or grief, flame our faction. We're a so called PvX guild, which means we like to enjoy both aspects of the game, both PvE and PvP. Our members are both casual and hardcore and the pleasant environment we operate in has created a solid and healthy balance in which everyone can do his bit and in the meantime contribute to the guild's efforts.

    In all we craft, we farm, we trade, we raid and we fight. We don't shy away from a fight, no matter if the opposition has a higher gear score and yes we expect people to buff up. Though we refuse to keep fighting pointless encounters.

    We are an international orientated guild, with English as the main language. We come from all over the world but the vast majority is European and above 30 years of age. Our members have real life obligations, professions and are looking to have fun and relax. In overall Väktarna-members are patient, mature, respectful, don't flame, allow people to make mistakes, but absolutely do not tolerate drama, grieving, greed, racism, religious discussions or selfish behavior. We do not allow stealing from or PK'ing our own faction unless we have them on our KOS list. People in Väktarna are in overall trying to be helpful and sharing, but patience is a virtue as well.

    What about the future?
    Although we have been playing since Alpha, we are, like all guilds, new to Jakar. We’re looking to regain our economic and manufacturing potency and even increase that. We also want/need to increase our combat readiness (PvP) both on land and on sea. On a diplomatic level we will need to look for (more) friends and allies.

    That all will take time. Since we aren’t new to the game but ‘only’ merged into this server, we don’t have to start ‘all-over-again’. The foundations are in place, the utilizing has started, will you add to that?

    • Regain land Accomplished
    • Regain economic/manufacturing potency Accomplished
    • Increasing economic/manufacturing potency Active
    • Increase combat readiness Active
    • initiate cooperation with like-mided guilds Active
    • Guild level 8 Accomplished
    • Regular Serpentis & Dahuta 10 runs for a remaining group of guildies to finish Dreamring Quest. Active
    • Daily Abyssal Library Accomplished (several groups)
    • Daily Hiram Quests Accomplished (several groups)
    • Daily Hiram City Accomplished (several groups)
    • Daily Noryette Challenge Accomplished (several groups)
    • Daily Red Dragon Regular(several groups)

    Contact in game Megusta or one of the other officers for application.

    We strongly believe in alliances and friendships between like-minded guilds. We nurture those relations and treat our allies as were they Väktarna members. Ally members can fully participate in our discord, raids, events and guild activities.
    Are you a guild leader of a small, middle or bigg guild and interested in an alliance or friendship with Väktarna? Please contact one of our diplomacy officer's Gattini or Schlumpf or one of the other mentioned officers.

    Current Alliances/Friends
    • Blutfalken
    [EU]Väktarna - Jakar

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    * new officer's added.

    * new dungeons/instances added to our goals.
    [EU]Väktarna - Jakar

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    What about Lusca, Kraken, Thunderwing Titan & DGS?

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    Are there any plans about joining to Arche Age unchained? Jakar is a "normal" aa-server, right?

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    I'll keep your guild in mind, when my gear score gets better on my main character(an old crappy geared beta character)

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