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Hold up with a full stop right there.

They can't check their logs.

Years ago I had an issue with the purchase of the Kirin mount with Loyalty. I had the mount in my inventory over the weekend that they said they would automatically compensate you for it.

Monday came. No compensation.

Was instructed to put in a ticket.

Put in a ticket.

They said they couldn't see the mount.

I told them to check my loyalty logs for expenditures between two very specific points in time.

They said they couldn't see it.

I asked them for an accounting of all my loyalty for the time period.

Then a senior GM Stepped in.

I highly doubt they have logs of each and every infusion into each and every Erenor weapon.

If they could do that, they could see all the fraudulent APEX and reverse those transactions

Its like this, it didn't cost them money directly, so its not a priority.
...... yikes......