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Thread: Trion's errors that can be fixed through Gamigo.

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    Trion's errors that can be fixed through Gamigo.

    I'll make it short but sweet. You can attract players back to this game by encouraging more pvp via risk and reward.

    Right now fishing sucks. The gold reward is not worth the pvp risk. Players in NA would fish when it was worth it and players pvped to steal fish. It was good content. Now people don't fish so they don't play. Fish at launch could cost as much as 60g. It was nerfed to 28g. Fish today are 9g. It's a disgrace. Players don't do it anymore. You should raise prices on all fish across the Board. 1000 labor for 100g is too low to get people on the ocean when they can run packs in a safe area with no risk that takes 6 minutes from falcorth to villa. Doesn't help a dragon can come and oneshot my boat thought.

    People used to make trade packs and fight for them. We spent hours running merchant ships across the ocean or searching and attacking them. The decay timers on both trade packs and cargo packs make this not as fun anymore. We used to stage tons of packs on land and run them when it was worth while. It made the game fun. Pvping isn't as fun because all the player vs player payouts were nerfed and valuable trade runs are also nerfed. The last bastion of this sort of thing is freedich island for dragon essence but it's too easily monopolized. Anyway I know it's not you but they timer ruins pvp for packs.

    I know I quit the game for awhile myself when housing areas were made safe. It was a lot of fun to attack my friends in windscour. Make housing areas in contested zones hostile again. That'd be great.

    Lastly, infamy is crazy. Going straight to wanted for killing someone's pet is crazy. Even killing players goes straight to wanted removes a lot of in faction fighting which honestly is fun.

    Lastly, juries having names censored is stupid. The whole anonymous aspect of jury ruins emergent gameplay by removing consequences of conviction. I'd like to know who found my friend guilty and then go and kill them at their house.

    So hey :

    Increase the price of fish and reduce the labor
    of catching it. Or even have the fish cost less labor to turn in if you caught it than if someone else steals it.

    Make packs more risky and rewarding if pvp areas are involved.

    Make housing areas pvp if contested.

    Reduce infamy penalty.

    Bring jury names back.

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    These are XL issues. Trino/Gamigo have little input on the content we get. XL is in charge. Gamigo and Trino just publish what they get. PVP in housing zones...........You are a worthless ganker. Go play a ganker game like AO or LOA or UO etc. They are plentiful. PVP is not killing people who do not want to fight and have no gear and just sit there.

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    XLGames has already increased the value of trade packs and buffed fishing in its latest patches which we will receive in the future.

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    People use to get hung for horse wranglin'. Jail is getting off easy.

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