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Thread: Ynys Guardian Ring

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    Ynys Guardian Ring

    Hello folks,

    I have been having trouble starting the quest chain to obtain the Ynys Guardian Ring. Following the information I have found online, to begin the quest chain I need to pick up a 'Stone Orb' which should drop from the last boss in any greater dungeon.

    I have been lead to believe that I may have received this item at an earlier stage and discarded it, without knowing what it was, because I have recently done lots of different dungeons and this item has not dropped. I began playing Archeage in September of 2018, so I'm still fairly new to the game compared to those that I have asked in game, as they received their rings a while ago.

    I suppose i'm jsut curious to know whether there's any other way to re-activate this quest chain, or if anyone else has encountered a similar problem, and how did they overcome it? I have submitted a ticket, but we all know that it could take them a very long time to respond. Perhaps somebody had a similar experience and found a way around it? I have checked my quest log, and no quest from the chain is there, and the item does not drop and I do not have it in my intentory anywhere.

    For those that may recommend that I go for the dream ring, I am aware that it is stronger but I like the fact that the holy ynys guardian ring gives healing % also.

    Anyways, I appreciate any help or advise that you can give on the subject. Happy gaming!

    Thank you

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    I was able to reactivate this quest chain on freedich isle. I hope this helps anyone having a similar problem.

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    if u already got to the point in the quest where u got the manuscript u can ask somenone to let you use his books (helped for me today since i discarded it) otherwise jeah, backtrak to the point where u ended the quest.

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