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Thread: (URGENT) Unable to make purchases!

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    Exclamation (URGENT) Unable to make purchases!


    Once again my patron has ran out i have not been able to renew / buy credits or make any type of purchases thru the online website. it always tells me that i have to contact customer support for them to verify it is a real person trying to purchase credits, patron. Ive tried using multiple cards, payment options you guys have offer to make purchases.

    For a few months my guild was able to keep me in apex, while i waited for a response back from the support team. I first created a ticket back in October and recently got a generic response back saying: It looks like the issue has been resolved then ticket was closed without any help.

    Please help me resolve issue before i once again lose my housing / items due to not having enough storage in my bag, warehouse.

    Ticket #: 1193175

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    Heads up bud cuz this is the response my roommate got...

    Phill February 07, 2019 07:19
    Thank you for your commendable patience during this time of high demand.
    We would like to take this opportunity to inquire if your issue is ongoing?
    We are making every effort to assist you as effectively as possible.
    Kind regards,

    So yeah, WHEN your ticket does get answered, they will ask you (and waste your time because clearly they got better things to do then read the initial complaint / support issue) if you still need help.....
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