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    Just bring back the old Halcy with the two bosses that run to the middle and fight each other. The instanced Halcy is buggy as ****. I can't even get into a raid when I enter.

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    Disconnects and raids broken

    Just lost my last entry to a disconnect and Iím so sick of not being in a raid when I do get in. This instance has been buggy for months and nothing is being done to fix it.

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    More than half the time co-raids are still not formed in the halcy instance.
    Snipe (Banned)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie1979 View Post
    I dont understand that afk thing, how this "system" works?
    Some week ago i recognized the nation team extremely dominance and go afk after 6-7 death. No reward...
    2 days ago i went to afk after my death in the LAST 2 min 40 sec (i see my team dominance and i had to go to the toilet). I back, dropped from halcy and no reward.
    I fight in halcy all times. Two times "afk" (i do damage to enemies although without kill) and no reward, others camped the entrie battle and got reward? WTF?
    If your toon has the away status at end you get no reward, so most just move their toon in the last few seconds. Bad luck on Mother Nature calling in the dying moments where the afk timer may be more aggressive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiroH View Post
    That idea doesnt sound half bad actually just make it that the first IP connected to the client gets rewards and rest dont and its a pain to run multiple IP's so it will discourage alting in halcy.
    So my wife and I need to decide who gets reward because we live in the same house? No. Make it relate to participation so if you get no assists or kills you get no rewards and then you will get rid of players afking the whole instance

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    No raid in golden plains
    No raid in golden plains
    No raid in golden plains
    No raid in golden plains
    No raid in golden plains
    No raid in golden plains

    Every day same....no raid.

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    1 : Morning and afternoon Halcy no pop at EU server 2days
    Can you check for any abnormalities?

    2 : There are many people who can't participate in raid, I want to be able to create and invite raids in instances
    Is it possible to make these modifications?

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    3 days and nothing lost so many honor and labor it's so cool ty

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    halcyona busted again. it keeps coming up saying not enough players to enter. and it was only just fixed with last reset now its busted again. whats going on?

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    Seems it makes no difference how much this is "fixed", as it's clearly not fixed.
    Randomly you either get "not enough or too many" notice, and at same time the instance fails cause not enough, and there are plenty.

    Pisspoor fixing i'd say.

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