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    Why cannot it be accepted that this new Halcyona has been badly thought out and there are many bugs and problems attached to it?
    1) This cross server event is throwing up many problems with people either unable to enter or are getting dc'ed if they do enter.
    2) The Daily Contract for the new Halcyona does NOT complete.
    3) There is nowhere to heal your mounts and you are obliged to wait 5 minute cd to get them back.
    4) Too many alts just afk'ing and no afk kick in operation.

    It's clear the old Halcyona should be reinstated until ALL these problems can be properly addressed!

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    Delays and DC

    i cant have anyfun in this arena lol its all i have is delays 5s - 10s disconnects ....

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    #Feedback for last week.

    it seems that as Halcy starts, there is a 100 player list created for Nuia/Haranya
    then it moves to "Stand by"
    out of theose 100 players roughly 25 alts decline so you end up with 75man raid
    new players can't enter to Replace theose numbers

    so whats happens is since population at said Hours (we need a time zone change badly btw) is LOW
    halcyona starts just ONCE a day (on EU)

    and while there are legit 25+ slots in raids, players still can't enter during Standby and replace theose who declined.

    so it comes to
    if you can't click fast enough as Message pops, to enter the first 100man list, you won't be practicipating in Halcyona event for today.

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    So odd...I disconnect shortly after the 16mins countdown mark (as I did yesterday), and when I log back in it gives me the achivement for 25 Golden Battle Looser !

    So you can give me the reward for an achivement that I havent achieved (I can see from my social tab that it hasnt actually finished yet and I certainly havent finished 25 of the new halcy).. but I dont get the normal reward in the mail for loosing.

    So if you can give achivements for loosing , it also follows that you can mail the normal reward for loosing too (you have after all prevented us from doing it a second time because the daily entry was registered). So this needs fixing too !!!

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    Simple anwser to fix system. Reroll bacl to old. The the battle stays server wise no mix. And player decide the time.(soort off)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erestor View Post
    Simple anwser to fix system. Reroll bacl to old. The the battle stays server wise no mix. And player decide the time.(soort off)
    +1 (with pirate nation included !)

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    Btw took part in the PTS event and didnt dc at all. So again, this is purely halcy

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    Despite being one of the oldest archeage players, I can not start posts. I'll put it right here.
    Which server is the most empty. I would like to go back to play solo and get to places I have not been to before.
    I have a lot of apex in all the releases, that I started to play and I stopped.
    I wanted a very easy server to play for pve

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    Incase you tweeked anything after the PTS event, I'm back to the super quick dc i..e first death which occurred at 18:30 on the coundown - (on the actual death, not respawn), indead of the dc that was very consistently happening between 17 and 16 mins on countdown (regardless of what was happening).

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    Got Dc from halcy again "gods disconnected you", I used that button to lower vision effects.
    Server: Ezi
    Name: Moonshadow
    No alt running at same time.

    Please iArches make a thread where people can post their server name and the ingame name they got a DC on.

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