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    Feb 2019
    So an improvement. After completing the next halcy, I looked at my mail and found that I had actually got the reward for the first one (despite the dc).

    Thankyou !

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    I didn't get any reward for joining Halcy when I dc'd twice. Now that tomorrow is Maintenance for NA, people who plays during this time won't be able to do it. Will timers for Red Dragon and Halcy be extended?

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    I just ran on mount today and got dc, lost 2 entries a day (o_o)
    Many people seem to get dc today

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    Halcy is still laggy for me everytime there is a big fight the lag begins and I have 3-5 sec delay on skills and people running in place for sometime then starting again teleporting, its completely unplayable. I dont have this issue on my server only in this instance you guys made please fix it!

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    Halcy is still broken and unplayable. 2-3 seconds delay and tons of disconnects every time.

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    This is so freaking annoying...after Alt-Drake 3 game crashes after Standby-Phase in Halcy. Raid didn't start, game crashes, many minutes til the game finally has loaded, new try, crash.
    Again no Crystals and labor for me, great, I love it.

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    Noticed that if you Que with a team and someone DC/Leaves halcy before you get into a raid, you'd be left on standby the entire fight. Please fix

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    Halcy is still broken and unplayable for me 4-7 seconds delay and got disconnects every day

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    Same.. always broken, first time stuck in standby til dc..q 2 more times and dc as soon as battle starts.. turned used up.. no rewards. again.

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    Good evening!
    So, new patch, new story!
    Good news: My Game didn't crash. Bad news: It just kicked me from a Halcy, after I buffed, mounted up and ran 20 meters.
    Let's see how my second round goes.
    Oh, funny, the first thing I notice: My buff is gone. Good thing I only jused the food.
    Okay, not enough people this time. AND: No crash! That's nice.

    Third try: Okay, nice, this one didn't crash or end early for me in any way!
    Only things different from first raid were: Only 50 people (plus some greens!) and I turned on the optimization.

    Sooo first of all: If the Maintenance is the reason for my game not crashing: Thank you for this! That's a really nice thing!
    Buuut let's see, what the next days will bring. Only good things, I hope.
    Though the game just kicking me from Halcy and taking my first entry was not really nice and I have no clue, why this could have happened.

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