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Thread: Where in White Arden are the Queen bees

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    Where in White Arden are the Queen bees

    I have searched for information on where the queen bees are for the beehives. I remember getting one in 2014 but cannot find the information that actually lead me to the right spot. If you know where in White Arden or Solzreed, please post the information here. There wasn't one on AH; besides I'd like to get them to sell. Thank you

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    south of birchkeep, the area called ambrosia meadow on the map i think

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    I wouldn't go to the trouble of capturing them in order to sell them, though. I have beehives, so I have a few extra queen bees sitting around. They rarely sell, and when they do, it's for so little gold that it's not worth the timeI
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