Hey there!

As we already mentioned we are targeting the Relics of Hiram – March Update for next week on March 20th! Let us give you a slight preview what cool new updates are waiting for you!

Meet & Greet with the people of Hiram!
If you ever wondered what lies behind the Relics of Hiram, the new story quest line will let you dive into the tales from the people of Hiram and why they were hiding in a cave for so long. The quest line will start in the Western Hiram Mountains close to the border to Reedwind. You will have the honor to meet the High Priest of the Hiram and will learn more about… what has awakened.
Once you have completed this quest line you will receive a very fluffy mount!

The Fall of Hiram
This brand new raid instance will throw you into the past of the people of Hiram when the Garden’s Gate was being closed and the disaster mentioned in the prophecy came true. We don’t want to tell you too much yet, but you and your raid members will have to tackle different challenges to protect the Hiram from freezing, wild beasts and hunger!

Noryette Challenge
The Noryette, a wealthy family of Marionople, is inviting you to a contest of strength! In this instance you will have to survive multiple waves of monsters and bosses. But the Noryette family are not stingy and will reward you with special Noryette accessories!

You will see multiple of other improvements regarding food, potions, sport fishing and ship components! Furthermore, new Ancestral skills have been added added for Battlerage, Archery, Sorcery, Vitalism and Malediction.
Additionally, the Auction House will be closed ~48 hours before the update. Exact time for the auction house closing will be following in another announcement soon.

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