SO with the Red Dragon Interface coming out for high volume instances... is there anyway we could see either instanced housing/guild towns or both? Also, could the old dungeons be revamped into Queueable 10 man instances? Like a shadow dungeon or something, Monsters being deformed by the leaking of hiram energy all over Erenor, however you want to put it. The game could really grow if more people could put down housing or if guilds could have shared buildings kept together.

Both the overworld housing and instanced housing would be kept, this way people could still have a place of residency however have some dream space to craft their 10 plot lands with high pickets fences. The production of grown materials could finally satisfy the demand for processed mats (Orchard puree, chopped produce, etc) and, we could perhaps see a healthier economy, inclined toward the progression of lower leveled players that this game is going to eventually attract again.

Instanced Guild halls would give guilds something to work towards as a collective (I've played games where the Halls were obtained at a certain guild level for x amount of gold in a shared bank, also an idea, Have some sort of guild collective fund that can be used to purchase guild specific bonuses). Being able to construct a large guild town, kind of mimicking the castle areas, would add a great deal of interest in being part of a guild. yet perhaps instead of lord's coins, these places would produce blue salt bonds or prestige tokens of some sort.

Trade packs could be crafted in the guild/housing instance, given to an NPC for a voucher, and then have that voucher redeemed through another NPC on the surface world for a pack with the ticking timer. This would bring back those old school 7 schooner runs some guilds would be ballsy enough to conduct, without all the server lag of staging 2 gazebos full of trade packs. Making the vouchers tradeable would also help with splitting profits fairly between guild mates who work on/provide pack materials.

Just shooting a few idea out there. but this instance interface has serious potential.