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Thread: Missing Items in Shop

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    Missing Items in Shop

    Marauder's Glider Design is missing from the gilda shop.

    The glider achievements require the Skywhisper glider as one of the required gliders - which you can craft according to the folio with this marauder's design. Are we missing some items in the gilda shop in PTS?


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    Way and way to expensive to craft it anyway, buy it with manastorm crystals.(unless you wanna pay 10k-20k on material cost.

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    You would think so. just buy with manastorm. unfortunatly this glider can not be bought with manastorm so we will have have fun crafting it for 9-10k gold.....

    hopefully they just put gliders back in the cash shop.

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    Crafting the glider seems to require a design that does not exist. So you can't, even if you are willing.
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