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    Missing 6 in Halcyona Jakar (4 cheese, 2 honey)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinen View Post
    We have reached out to XL regarding these reports, and once we receive any information we will share it.
    Everybody loves a Skullknight party
    cuz a Skullknight party don't stop!

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    I lost 28 larders on Jakar in Lilyut thanks to this surprise maintenance.

    Here is one of my plots that lost larders:

    Before maintenance:


    After maintenance:


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    Time to start compensating now that you're giving us lies about maint times. Anyone know how we can raise this directly with XL? Seems very dodgy how they totally ignore this issue for so long. Was this bug put in on purpose to get people to move to AAU?

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    97 larders ( edit: 104 larders) lost for giving us the wrong info this week (thats around 3k+ gold lost ). Not even speaking about the potential time lost when you cant place larders because of this bug.
    A lot of ppl lost 50%+ of their larders.
    A problem that goes on for 6 months and still not fixed on EU, a problem which influences the economy a lot.

    I get it veterans who kept your game going for almost 6 years arent as important as your new baby called AAU
    I tried to deal with it all this time and i never expected any comp for it but now its getting ridiculous and disrespectfull

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    I've been getting no help from support regarding the 84 larders I lost. Seems ridiculous that we are not being offered any kind of compensation. That's 2k gold I'm out from not being able to turn them in. Never mind the materials used to make them....

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    I lost today 77 maybe more after eu maintance, I dont know if they cant fix this problem just change larder system remove it from land and put special workbench better maybe since 6 or more month this happening.

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    Happy 70 days since the last CM comment guys! Keep on lardering

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    every time they do maintenance nd the pantries are not ready disappear I lost exactly 615 pantries in the last 3 months for maintenance that arrive without notice

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    Understand what they said earlier to me....

    I told you already in august what is going on.......and keep this in mind because support for AAU will be same as here....same quality, same way of keeping players happy once they got your money.

    I quit and I'll not start on AAU because of this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Klicki View Post
    Faye (Trion Worlds)

    19. Aug., 09:29 CDT


    vielen Dank für dein Feedback.

    Der Support wird diesbezüglich keine Restaurierungen durchführen und über das Verschwinden auch keine Informationen freigeben.

    Diese Posts werden jedoch vom ArcheAge-Team überprüft und untersucht. Wir arbeiten daran. Du wirst keine direkte Rückmeldung bezüglich eines Vorschlags oder Bugs erhalten; aber habe ein Auge auf die Foren, da alle Änderungen und mögliche Kompensationen in den Patch-Notizen enthalten sein werden.

    In Zukunft kannst du Bugs und Feedback gern auf unseren Foren melden, welche du hier finden kannst: http://forums.archeagegame.com/forum...hp?48-Hospital

    Wenn du noch weitere Fragen oder Anliegen hast, kannst du dich jederzeit an uns wenden. Danke für deine Anfrage bei Trion Worlds und deiner Teilnahme an ArcheAge.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


    It means: Support will not restore larders and won't give any informations about the reason of disappearing.

    Arche age team works on this problem, but will give no direct feedback. If there will be some day a compensation it will be posted here in forum.....

    Well in my eyes this means you can wait forever and forever and forever. This what we deserve as paying players.

    I made my decision and stopped paying at all.

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