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    laughing at us right now.

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    Server Restart for Taris please

    From what I saw on the forum only Taris is affected by the bug that makes it impossible to vehicles, right?
    A server restart would prolong the time players have until their larders need to be turned into packs.
    And who knows; maybe that's all it takes in order to fix the bug.
    Worth a try if you ask me and it prevents a lot of players from getting angry.

    PS: I am not personnaly affected since I don't have larders but I could see quiet a lot of them waiting for a fix.
    PPS: Current timers are at 1d3h at midnight between 21/03 to 22/03. If you consider this option it should be done asap.

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    and on the top a special offer for buying a credit pack.... but still no ETA and no update.... this is rly sad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armaita View Post
    Pick them up? yes, it sucks coz of freshness timer, but they are probably not going to do anything if they expire, so you can either let them expire and get nothing, or pick them up and get less than normal when they fix the issue
    With 100 packs it is impossible to carry them with donkey and I lose lots of gold. Almost worth 2 apex....

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    Best is, when I try to contact support: Type Status Report

    Message Authentication Failed: Expired store token. [accountId=13996700] [channelId=1001] [channelTxnId=null] [expireDate=Thu Mar 21 17:31:33 UTC 2019]

    Description The request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.

    I am getting tired of paying for this unsupported game. Still have an open ticket since last year, now you destroy my gold.....tell me a reason why I should pay for this anymore.

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    Hellooooooo Gamigo! Can we please get an info update? My donkey will explode from all the carrots!

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    Gamingo incompetent shut down all servers and fix transport error many people bought b200 for 140 dollars and now b 200 does not work on the server taris

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    Stop at least larders from further aging. Or compansate each larder with gold.

    And additionally fix your support. Website is not availible because of outdated tokens.

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    I was open to buying credit, but till the vehicle issues are resolved I am not buying anything.

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    Summon Vehicles

    I am from Taris, and it is also impossible for me to invoke any type of vehicle anywhere on the map.

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