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Thread: Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island

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    Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island

    Hi there,

    This is a common topic that is spoken about on the server but nobody really has a proper answer to and there is no mention as to the answer anywhere in the forum.

    Alot of people (myself included) are wondering why it is that Whaleswell Straits, Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island are still unreleased on Nui Fresh Start.

    These areas were released in the games 3.5 update patch on the legacy servers back in 2017 long before ANY of the Hiram content was released however they do not exist on the Nui Fresh Start server for some unknown reason.

    Access to Whalesong Harbor is vital to character progression as there are npc's located there that are required for the main character quest line (Green quest line) which on the Nui Fresh Start server cannot currently be completed due to the area being unreleased.

    Does Gamigo have any intention on releasing the areas to the Nui Fresh Start server? or is the Gamigo staff somehow someway just unaware that the areas arent active and it was just somehow over looked? Perhaps the Owlina's secretly took over and sunk Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island and Gamigo is in on it with the Owlina's in attempt to lure us all into the Hiram caves..

    Some thoughts from Gamigo perhaps?

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    I'm not Gamigo, but even I know why we don't have Whalesong and Aegis Island yet. Sure, we don't have access to completing a green quest line, but that isn't a big deal toward character progression. The primary reason whalesong and aegis island exist is for erenor crafting materials. Yes, we also miss out on some leadership/honor by missing these zones, but again, it isn't progression-breaking. We do not have erenor yet, and no information has been given on when we will get it. They probably won't release whalesong and aegis before the ability to craft erenor itself is actually released.

    I personally wish we did have aegis and whalesong just for the extra honor and leadership boost, and it would help current heros in completing missions. However, I understand why they won't release the zones yet, since it would be a bit breaking for people to be able to just stockpile erenor synth materials weeks if not months ahead of erenor release on FS.

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    Erenor is tied to Lord's Coins which are from castles. Castle system failed and is currently being revamped by XL. Guessing once they've finished that system Erenor will be introduced to Fresh Start (or what's left of it by then).

    I don't think it would be game-breaking to give people a chance to farm those mats up early though. It sucks that huge chunks of content like Library and Whalesong/Aegis just don't exist on Fresh Start though. It's not about progression anymore as the population has mostly given up on the server at this point. Everything should have been opened up on FS months ago.

    Either way though, Gamigo has zero to do with this. FS progression is all up to XL.

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