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Thread: Growling Yawl in 2019?

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    Growling Yawl in 2019?

    Ahoj everyone. I've kinda taken up a task, to gather one of every ship in the game. The first unnatural ship I'm taking up, in the Yawl, but I'm unsure as to whether the wikis are up to date, in terms of what drops the fragments, and if they still drop at all. If anyone could tell me a bit about how to acquire the pieces, so I know what my current day options are, or just tell me, if it can't be acquired anymore at all, that would be great. Cheers.

    (Just in case someone doesn't know, because that's a surprisingly common mistake actually. When talking about the Growling Yawl, what I mean, is the ship, that some refer to, as the Black Pearl. With other words, a slightly upgraded Eznan Cutter.)

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    Sadly there is only two places now with in total monsters that drop it.
    Rockborne yetis; 3 monsters (named yetis) kill two and combine heart to summon the 3rd one.
    halcyon a castle: hound trainer, golem, witch, outer camp leader, patrol knight, butler, king and last one is a researcher... But the drop rate is damn low and I can personally tell you I have finished 3 full fire tanks and I am not even half done with the ship. Best bet is really just waiting for double drop even and war with 60‰ drop increase and just hope to get any and buy the rest on auction house during those days..

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