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Thread: How do I get stone and lumber packs up on a cliff?

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    How do I get stone and lumber packs up on a cliff?


    So I found some land in Rokhala Mountains by the Community center, the issue is its on a cliff. I can place and house and a 8x8 but they require stone and lumber packs to complete. I saw a house on this cliff before so I know you can do it but I have no idea how there no way up on the cliff but to glide from the higher mountains around the area. does anyone know how I build my house>?

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    what i would do is have a guy help you. have him obtain a Pack, and you obtain a pack. spawn a harpoon clipper near the mountain base. have 1 guy hold the steering wheel and 1 man harpoon and pull up the mountain. you should have 2 packs up the mountain and then rinse and repeat as needed
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    Don't know the place, but I could suggest 3 more options:
    1. Snail
    2. Shadow Step
    3. Escape of the rider

    Option 2 and 3 depends a bit on the place and the distance which needs to be bypassed.

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    I would go with DWolf's solution since it's the most probable and you should manage with that i think.

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    Cars and motorcycles can hold packs and climb some pretty steep cliffs too.

    Jump and drop back can pop you up some ledges tha seem impossible to get up.

    Good luck on your adventure.
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    I checked the place out you mentioned and I probably wouldnt want to live there but that's your choice. The easiest way would be to build your house elsewhere, full kit demo it and put it on top of the hill, but that costs a little bit more (building management title)
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