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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeacon View Post
    1 Month 5 Days old ticket and No response still time to post more that should be clear enough. I purchased a copy of the game and can't use it since I bought it and I have received zero response from support. This seems to be crossing criminal lines I may have to see if failure to provide a purchased product is an offense.
    I've been waiting for an answer for 3 months now and had the same idea.
    wait until January and then I will also inquire whether and how I can take legal action against Gamigo.

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    Game not working Properly

    Hi Guys, need help on how to troubleshoot the problem on my game. after the update for the december, and i start the game. it wont load the game all the way, it stop half way and nothing is happening. please help. thank you.

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    Try Gamigo Group Support Center


    You didnt say if you already tried the troubleshooting steps https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/articles/203372348-ArcheAge-Crashing-when-loading-or-Stuck-on-Splash-Screen
    It is currently taking over a month to get tickets answered so self help may be your best option...

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    Archepass booster

    The support team literally told me to go to forums about my archepass booster glitching out and got no dill coins so im pretty much ♥♥♥♥ed outta this whole event now!

    But lovely support center you guys got.

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    Post trying to buy patron, but still not working

    I have tried buying patron via credit card. For three weeks now, still same issue. I have filed a ticket.
    REQUEST #1375387

    I am shocked the issue still going on... I had to use in game gold to buy apex from auction house. Now I have 10 days left of patron. I want to keep my gold to help get gear higher. Is there anyone working on the issue, or a GM to address the ticket?

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    REQUEST #1392345

    Hi I accidentally purchased a pack for Archeage Unchained and I thought I was purchasing it for Archeage FTP. I dont own Archeage Unchained or have any charachters for that game, can you refund the purchase so I can buy a pack for the correct game?

    My order Id is #590025715
    Matthew McMichen
    Account email: matthewmcmichen@gmail.com
    The pack I purchased was $79.99
    Date: Jan 9, 2020
    Transaction Type: Digital Purchase

    Payment method used:
    m********@ymail.comSubtotal: $79.99
    Tax (if applicable): $0.00
    Total: $79.99

    I have been waiting for a reply since January 8th. If the issue is not resolved by 1/14/2020 I am requesting that Paypal reverse the charge. This is pathetic excuse for customer service.

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    REQUEST #1392829


    This is a decent Archeage player group leader on Archeage Legacy server. Our group is oriented from 2016 Spring, and it has been four years since I start to play Archeage NA. And now we sit at Kadum server (North America).

    I was notified by my guildies that some of us were suspended, and our guidlies' accounts couldn't login the game, I'm writing to help them appeal since there is no response from support@gamigo.com or appeals@trionworlds.com.

    I don't mean to rush you, but now no one is replying our appeal mails on suspension, and my guildies couldn't enjoy the game they have paid for, and they have done nothing against the rule.

    We are oversea players, most of us are located in Asia, and we play Archeage with Game VPN for a better connection.

    Please do review on our cases, and reply to our appeal e-mails.


    Here is a list of things I've done to get replied:
    Sending Appeals to Offical E-mails [x]
    Message Discord CMs [x]
    Message Twitter Archeage Offical Accounts [x]
    Message Twitter Khrolan [x]
    Message CM on Archeage Forum [x]
    Leave Comments on Gamigo 2019 Customer Feedback and Rating [x]
    Post on Reddit [x]

    None of the above is working.

    Since CM is still posting announcements, CS is still banning people. How hard it is to get a reply?
    The first appeal e-mail is sent on Jan 7th. I don't hear a single reply but some comforting words from Wanda.

    Someone looks into my case please.

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    I have been trying for over a week to submit a ticket... I was able to submit one, but it's been over a week and still no response from support. I had to use a backdoor to submit, as every time i try on the official site, it takes me to a login page and I never get to submit a ticket. PLEASE help. I am missing ALL of my account bound farms/gardens. I'd like to get them back or be able to purchase them again. Thanks
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    Hey Hey - Thanks Customer Support! I finally got the 'your request has been solved' message from the powers that be. It wasn't --- but when I replied to the email, I GOT AN ANSWER AND A FIX THE VERY NEXT DAY!! Sorry for shouting, but I am soooo excited to be back to full function again.
    I hope this bodes well for the rest of the problems on this page - good luck to all of you.

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    CASE 1394447 $40.00 PURCHASE

    I too understand you guys have much to do. But my ticket was made due to a cash transaction that yet to be met on your end.
    Friday Jan 17 I got a $39.99 credit package for my AAU account and yet to receive help or info.

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