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    ID 1234396 the 05/07/2019
    Hello, I'm writing to you
    To report a hacking of my account
    I realized it when I came back in the game less to login my password was no longer valid I changed it and I log in to my account and found that my chest with was empty there would be able to recover something
    I miss 430000 points of honor more than 900 onyx essences of archeaum cristeaux eclat dust
    and 1300 po I had on me and also 400 pledge of fidelities plus pieces of armor

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    ANFRAGE #1239250
    Missing larders...und kommt mir nicht mit Tod des Characters oder mit ernten durch Mitspieler (steht auf privat)

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    Don't think I will purchase anything from this place after this experience. Support team takes absurd amounts of time to even respond and when they do its like they havent read your ticket at all. No one of your team would want to be a customer of the supportteam and you know it. There is no help here, honestly I have given up. Private servers have better support than this ♥♥♥♥hole.

    There should be no excuses.

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    Demande 1242607 , 1242621


    Suite a la mise a jour du 24 Juillet je constate que mes placards a multi-usages sur mon terrain a Ahnimar (12 placards) et Halcyona (16 placards) ont disparus, les terrains sont en privé et la case est cochée pour éviter les suppressions.

    Merci pour votre Réponse.

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    Unaswered ticket

    on a week ago i have sent to admin this ticket but probably they ignore voluntary this kind of thicket, just let me know if the community agree with me.

    "REQUEST #1242815
    Wednesday at 19:12
    Hi, i want to say you something about the pirate situation, probably you never log in the game or never are in to look what happens in this game at this moment. Practically a lot of people have in the Pirate faction a very considering amount of "ALT", and they use this "ALT" for sell a spot in the faction for in-game gold. I want to ask you, have you never think to put a restriction to a player with less than 6k of gear score? This can probably stop this "black market" in the game?"

    probably this type of ticket is inconvenient for them, so I think it is appropriate to share this in-game mess with the community ... I hope that from here the admin will listen to me ...

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    by some reason i cant make a new support ticket so im going to ask in here doing the update on the 08/07-2019 my guild lost all the aged pack´s we had it is not much but we are a small guild and it is a strong set back then we lose all our packs like that

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    REQUEST #1252362
    Transaction Order #570789429
    Server: Kadum
    Name: Avanasta

    I paid for patron several days ago...it cleared paypal. I AM NOT getting services I paid for! Fix!!

    Taxes came due and now I can't pay them!

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    So langsam werde ich echt sauer, das Ticket zu den verschwunden Kammern /larders ist immer noch ungelöst. Jetzt ist heute nach der Wartung tatsächlich mein teuer für credits erkauftes Gewächshaus verschwunden, das hatte den Stand 5/10. Das nenne ich gelinde gesagt einen Betrug, ich habe dafür gezahlt und es ist weg

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