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    [Complete] Extraordinary EU Maintenance - 3PM UTC - April 16

    Hello everyone,

    We're bringing ArcheAge EU servers offline for maintenance at 3PM UTC on Tuesday, April 16.

    This maintenance will take approximately 9 11 hours and is due to extended hardware maintenance. This maintenance will include the Easter Event!

    Patch Notes:
    • Mirage Isle Spring Race has begun!
      • The Easter event starts on Mirage Isle at the new NPC Poached Egg!
    • Mounts that were in a broken state due to transfers were being removed and replaced. This will happen automatically.
      • Companion crests and Manastorm crystals will be granted after the update for mounts that were leveled or had gear.

    Known Bugs:
    • Quests "Egg Hunt" and "The Race" currently display Korean text for the term "Egg Pack"
    • The Egg Pack item displays Korean text.
    • Debuffs received from the Flame Traps, Poison Traps and Health Balloons display Korean text.
    • Minor changes to quest text are missing.

    UPDATE: 0434 UTC: EU Servers are available once again. Thanks for your patience everyone!

    Thank you for your patience,
    The Archeage Team

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    3pm UTC really ?

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    Can we get some sweet gift coins as compensation for this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Islyn View Post
    Another useless post from you. What a surprise.

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    Is the time correct?

    3PM UTC on Tuesday, April 16 to 12AM UTC on Wednesday, April 17
    3AM UTC on Tuesday, April 16 to 12PM UTC on Wednesday, April 16

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    We are sorry to confirm that 3PM UTC is indeed correct.
    Due to the extended hardware maintenance, there was unfortunately no other option.
    We are doing our best to finish the maintenance as fast as possible.


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    an Easter event you say? kindly tell us more about said event, thank you.

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    Will you give back the patron day ? Cause many are working and come back home the evening (on their playing period) and you give them a maintenance for 37% of one day.

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    1 day patron compensation for that?

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    I hope this hardware maint resolves the disconnects people have been facing in halcy.

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    Well you gotta do what you gotta do but doing it in the period when everyone comes back from work it's a bit harsh i think.
    Not asking for compensation or anything, because people as i see started asking for compensation for every little thing in the game that happens but still 9 hours is a lot considering it's in the prime game time when most of the players are online.
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